Hi, welcome to my website about making websites! Look around and let me know what I can do for you.

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Looking for a New Website & Fast Hosting?

I create simply the best sites for your buck. Using Joomla, a dynamic CMS (Content Management System), and my fast web hosting solution, I can build you a modern site that can be edited and changed without any coding skills and little training. Your site will work on any platform, most browsers and can even be made to directly link with popular social media sites, shopping carts and forums.


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My Simple Pricing Plans

Choose the design plan that fits your needs and add your hosting package. You'll find my prices for design, fast hosting and web work are below the industry standard to save you money. Now you can go buy that Jet Ski you've always wanted! You're welcome ;) At checkout you can pay with a credit card, PayPal and more.


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I Love Technology

I geek out when I work. I love to use the newest and latest web and design tools to build the best sites. From Adobe's Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Illustrator, Joomla, Dreamweaver, Admin Praise, Warp, HTML5, CSS3 and super fast hosting just to boast little. I also test all my sites on a PC, MAC, iOS (iPhone & iPad), mobile web and other platforms to make sure everyone sees your new website in all its glory.


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I Worked on a Cruise Ship Once

True Story, ask me about it sometime. So I know all about life buoys. You can rest assured the support I offer is truly a life saver. From 24/7 website monitoring and a global support team for my web hosting, your site is always being looked after. I also offer emergency design and code support for when you might have that "OH $@!* my cat peed on my laptop right when there was a zombie attack and all I was doing was changing my phone number on my website and now it's all deleted!" Well hopefully that will never happen, but just in case, I make sure you have 2 full website backups a day.


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@getuikit Can a search field be added to the GetUIKit website? I forget where things are and to search the website would be nice. #thanks

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